Tripura University Result 2014tripura university exam results 2014

The Tripura University Act envisages that the objective of the University shall not only be “to disseminate and advance knowledge by providing instructional and research facilities” in the state in areas of contemporary relevance to the society and the country (with the motto “pursuit of excellence”) but to make special provisions for studies in tribal life and culture and to introduce vocational subjects with a view to provide employment opportunities to the students. The Act specifically enjoins the University to organisz specialized diploma, degree and post-graduate courses in certain subjects. Keeping that spirit of the Act in consideration, Tripura University started its journey in 1987.

All candidates waiting for result then we would like to inform you Tripura University Examination result -2013

Exam Details :

1. M.Sc statistic 2nd and 4th sem-2014
2. M.Sc Zoology 2nd and 4th sem-2014
3. M.Sc mathematics 2nd and 4th sem-2014

4.  MA psychology 2nd and 4th sem-2014
5.  MA sociology 2nd and 4th sem-2014
6. MA Hindi 2nd and 4th sem-2014
7. M.Ped 2nd and 4th sem-2014
8. M.Fine 2nd and 4th sem-2014
9. MA Education. 3rd sem-2013(Distance)

10. MA Education. 1st sem-2013(Distance)
11. MA pol sci. 1st sem-2013(Distance)
12. MA pol sci. 3rd sem-2013(Distance)
13. MA Bengali 3rd sem-2013(Distance)
14. MA Bengali 1st sem-2013(Distance)
15. B.Ed Part-2 (New)(DDE)-2013
16. B.Ed Part-1(new)(DDE)-2013

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