Jiwaji University, Madhya Pradesh Result jiwaji university result

Jiwaji University, established in 1964, has its parallel in progress and growth of India’s development. Inspite of 50 years of passage of time, Jiwaji University is in prime of its youth. It is gradually unfolding its students’ fraternity to be amalgamated into the world over.

The premises of the Jiwaji University, with its looming infrastructure is greatly admired, it creates a perfect ambience for academic drive.

One has to step into the sprawling green environs of Jiwaji University to live the serenity, warmth of life and pulse of youth.

With the successful accomplishment of half a century Jiwaji University further moves a head to enshapen the youth of the country. It has been possible with THE DREAM, THE VISION and THE DEDICATION of its founders, faculties, departments and students.

Presently, this university is made up of 12 faculties 34 School of Studies with 88 courses and more than 400 colleges along with centre of distance learning programme. Various departments and colleges are spread across the 8 districts of Gwalior and Chambal region of Madhya Pradesh. University offers environment which is both supportive to individual scholars and characterized by a defining and enduring sense of community. The personal sense of academic identity, provided is life-long.

Exam Details –
1.  M.A. A.I.H.C. & Archaeology III Sem Exam Result Dec 2013
2.  M.A. (English) I Sem Exam Result Dec 2013
3.  M.C.A. III Sem (ATKT) Exam Result Dec 2013
4.  M.A.(Hindi) I Sem Exam Result Dec 2013
5.  M.A. (Hindi) I Semester (ATKT) Exam Result Dec 2013
6.  Master of Journalism and Mass Communication I Sem Exam Result           Dec   2013
7.  M.A. (Economics) I Semester (ATKT) Exam Result Dec 2013

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